Vincent Taylor

What is Pseudo Code, and why you need to write it

Pseudo Code is a way to write programming code in a form that is readable by humans, and is not meant to be ran by a computer. It’s purpose is to clearly specify what a piece of code is doing in an easy-to-read-and-understand way.

Consider the following examples:

Which one is easier to understand? Especially for someone who isn’t a programmer.

Why should you use Pseudo Code?

  • Pseudo Code is a great way to prototype a script/piece of code. You can write out what you need it to do and how, then go back and write the code for that individual line underneath it. This results in less trial-and-error, less troubleshooting bugs, and less redesigning code.
  • Pseudo Code allows anyone, not just programmers, to get a pretty good understanding of what the code is doing.
  • Pseudo Code often results in sentences that are far less complicated than their code counterparts, reducing mess and improving understanding.
  • Pseudo Code makes writing documentation easier, since it is very easy to quickly understand what code is doing, even if you wrote it years ago, or someone else wrote it.

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