What Is Occlusion Culling In Unity?

Occlusion Culling is a method to significantly reduce the processing power required to render a scene for a user, by only rendering required parts of the scene at runtime.

Preparing for Occlusion Culling:

  • An Occluder: A static object that other objects could be hidden behind.
  • An Occludee: A static object that could be hidden behind other objects.
  • Neither: An object that, for any number of reasons, should not affect OC.
If it‘ i’s an Occluder, tick Occluder Static, and vice-versa for an Occludee. If both, tick both, and if neither, tick neither. Pretty straight-forward.
I am using URP, so my camera component looks a bit different compared to other pipelines.

Generating the Occlusion Culling Information:

  • Are you on the Visualization tab of the OC window?
  • Is the mode set to Visualize on the popup tab and the box ticked?
  • Have you selected a camera (Shouldn’t be necessary, but check)?



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Vincent Taylor

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