Using GameDevHQ’s FileBase Asset Database For HQ Models

As a student of GameDevHQ, an online Unity developer educator, you will have access to their Filebase database full of HQ assets.

Vincent Taylor
3 min readJan 31, 2022
Filebase has a great Unity package to install into your project.

Today’s Objective: I’ll give a brief guide on how to install, log in to, download, and use Filebase assets in your project.

Downloading the latest Unity package:

As a GameDevHQ student/member, you should have access to the Community section of GameDevHQ’s website. Log in using your GameDevHQ credentials.

Once logged in, you should see the following screen. Click on the Filebase tab, then click the link to download the latest version of Filebase as a Unity Package.

Save the package file anywhere on your computer, then open the Unity project you’d like to use Filebase in.

Installing FileBase:

Go to “Assets/Import Package/Custom Package”, then navigate to the downloaded Filebase package, and click “OK”. Install everything from the package.

If errors appear at this point, saying that multiple “Newtonsoft…” files cannot exist, simply delete the one within “Assets/GameDevHQ/Plugin”. It will fix the errors.

Prepping Filebase:

Once installed successfully, you should see a new “Filebase” toolbar menu:

At this point, you should also set the FileBase package to not be included in project builds (as this is unnecessary and will cause problems). Do this by clicking on the “Filebase” import settings file inside “GameDevHQ/FileBase/Plugin”:

Then set the platform settings like so and click “Apply”:

Using FileBase:

Click on that, then click “Open” to open the Filebase browser window in Unity.

Wait for it to check for updates and establish a connection with the website.

When the main page has loaded, log in using the button at the top-right, using your Filebase credentials (They may be different from your Community credentials).

Once logged in successfully, you can now browse and download assets available to your account.

Filebase has a large range of assets for use in any projects. Navigate easily using the dropdown menu:

Once you’ve found an asset you’d like to use, click “Download” (If not logged in yet, it will ask you to log in now).

By default, all assets are downloaded into the “Assets/GameDevHQ/FileBase” folder, in new folders such as “3D”.

Using downloaded assets:

From here, the assets can be used just like any other asset in your project.

Have fun and make something cool!



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