“Nothing Is Less Productive Than To Make More Efficient What Should Not Be Done At All” — Peter Drucker

Day 1.

Vincent Taylor
2 min readJun 17, 2021


So this is Day 1 of a new endeavour to become a reliably employable Unity game developer within 120 days.

A good few years back, I went from an artist with no programming experience to what I would call a reasonably good Unity developer and programmer after a 4-year degree and some other qualifications. I felt that I had found my calling in programming and logic.

After that, I spent a few years doing freelance work and being a solo indie game developer. My aim being to complete some reasonable (or high) quality projects to act as my start to being a professional indie developer.

Now at present, I’ve done a heap and learnt an amazing amount, yet… projects are still not where I wanted them to be. I am now needing to sort out my employment and financial situation more seriously.

Enter: An unexpected opportunity.

I recently heard about a course run by GameDevHQ, a group I knew of as a good source of game development information. I attended a info live-stream, spoke to Jonathan Weinberger, the founder, and was soon convinced that this opportunity was worth the price for me.

I admittedly had some doubts about their claims of making anyone a professional Unity developer in under 120 days, and 80% of students getting job interviews within a couple of months. But, I wouldn’t be enrolled now if my doubts still outweighed the benefits.

I will do all I can to make this endeavour a success, and I’ll be posting here every day with what I learn. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this goes, and being able to look back at all my progress.

Let’s do this!

Check back to see all the progress I make!



Vincent Taylor

Unity game developer / C# Programmer / Gamer. Australian (Tasmanian) indie games developer for 10+ years. Currently looking for games industry employment.