New Year, New Game Project!

Today, I’ve started work on a new Unity game project, currently unnamed. It’s a 2.5D physics platformer!

Vincent Taylor
1 min readJan 13, 2022

Today’s Objective: Give you a quick look into what I am planning to make in my new project!

The Idea:

The concept behind this project is to make a short 2.5D platformer where a 3D character can run, jump, and climb over platforms to pass challenges and reach the objective/end of the level.

The reason behind this project is mostly that I want to get better at making physics systems and character controllers, so I am making everything from scratch.

This project is based on project guidelines from my current GameDevHQ course, but I intend to extend and build upon their project to make a project unique to me and my style/experience.

As with my other recent projects, I will be writing a good number of Mediums about the different things I develop and posting them here. Right now I obviously have no screenshots to post, but my next Mediums will better showcase the project in development.

If you’re interested, look forward to the daily posts following this one!



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