Light Probes Are Super Powerful!

Light Probes are an important, but sometimes confusing, aspect of environmental development in Unity.

Vincent Taylor
Jun 23, 2022

Today’s Objective: Use Light Probes to enhance my scene lighting in Unity HDRP.

Light Probes in Unity:

Light Probes use the baked lighting information from Baked Lights and emissive materials to realistically like dynamic objects that would otherwise not receive baked light.

Where baked lighting can normally only light static un-moving objects, Light Probes allow for the sampling of lighting data at numerous points in space. When a dynamic object comes within range, the lighting data from the Light Probes (rather than the lights themselves) is used to replicate what lighting the object would receive in that position if it was static.

Light Probes = Pretty accurate lighting from emissive lights in pillars
No Light Probes = Emissive lights not affecting player correctly



Vincent Taylor

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