Installing Probuilder In Unity

Today I’ll guide you through the simple process of installing the Probuilder package in your Unity project, for easy 3D modeling.

Platform completely made with Probuilder.

Today’s Objective: Install Unity’s in-built Probuilder package in order to quickly and easily 3D model the platforms and objects in my game levels.


Probuilder is a great package used to 3D model basically any of your model needs in Unity. It was originally a 3rd-party asset on the store, but became a part of Unity itself when they acquired it from the creator.

I had some existing platform models from a different project, but wanted to completely remake them to better suit this project. Everything you see above, apart from the person, was made with Probuilder in around 1.5 hours.

Installing the package:

With your Unity project open, click “Window/Package Manager” to open Unity’s Package Manager interface. Make sure you are in the Unity Registry section:

Then search for “Probuilder” in the search bar.

Once it’s all installed, open it by clicking “Tools/Probuilder/Probuilder Window”, which will show a dockable window with all the modeling tools Probuilder has available.

These options change depending on the “Selection type” you have active. By this, I mean the new small panel that now shows at the top of your scene view:

These options are:

  • Object Selection,
  • Vertex Selection,
  • Edge Selection,
  • Face Selection.

Object Selection:

Just like normal Unity selection, this selects whole objects.

Vertex Selection:

Using this option, you can select individual or multiple vertex points on a Probuilder object.

Edge Selection:

Use this option to select edges (the lines between vertex points).

Face Selection:

Use this to select individual or multiple faces. Very useful for quick modeling.



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Vincent Taylor

Vincent Taylor

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