Cutscenes In Unity, Part 6: Syncing Audio And Visuals

A cutscene without any audio is kind of sub-par, right? Let’s make sure everything is as it should be by adding and syncing audio.

Today’s Objective: Add audio to the cutscene and syncing it with the animations.

Adding an Audio Track:

Add an Audio Track by right clicking on the Timeline window, or clicking the “+” and choosing “Audio Track”.

The Audio Track takes an AudioSource from the scene as a variable on the left. This is the AudioSource that the clip will play from.

One or multiple Audio Clips can be added in the right side of the Timeline window, ready to start playing at any point in the timeline.

Syncing the Audio with Animation:

Syncing the audio is just a case of figuring out when the audio should start by looking over the animation slowly.

The Audio Clips can be dragged left and right until you get it to a synced position. Like all Timeline elements, it also can snap to the ends of other elements or the white line for easy alignment.

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