Cutscenes In Unity, Part 0: Working With Previs Elements

Cutscenes usually start with a script and/or pre-visualization (“previs”). For this project, I’ve been given some pdfs containing sketch illustrations of the intended shots.

Today’s Objective: Explain Previs elements and what this one means.


Previs elements, or pre-visualizations, are a visual explanation of how a camera shot/cutscene/scene should be constructed. They are usually created using the Director’s plans and are used by the developers/staff/camera operators to create the real scene recording.

Looking at the above previs, we can determine that the cutscene intends to involve 2 actors, some actor movement, some camera movement, some object tracking, and a fade effect.

The blue arrows in this previs represent how the camera should pan (rotate towards that direction, while remaining in the same position).

Shot 1:

The camera fades in from black as the thief sneaks up to the sleeping guard from the side. The camera is looking over the thief’s left shoulder.

My created cutscene shot.

Shot 2:

The camera switches instantly to the other side of the guard and pans down as the thief carefully reaches for and steals the security card from the guard’s belt.

My created cutscene shot, including some alterations, as I was allowed to make my own choices in this project.

Shot 3:

The camera then pans back up slowly, showing both the guard and the thief’s face as the thief slowly stands, smiling.

My created cutscene shot.



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Vincent Taylor

Vincent Taylor


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