Creating The Boss Fight! (Part 7: The Finale)

I’m now working on the final phase of the fight, the “Main Phase” where the player fights the main body of the Boss. This part plays out a little differently.

Some of the Boss’s attacks

Today’s Objective: Implement the Main Phase behavior, and finish the Boss Fight!

The Finale:

The final stage of the Boss fight, in the game I am now calling “Void Vanguard”, is a 1v1 fight against the Main Body of the Boss. During this encounter, the Boss doesn’t move, but continuously fires off a large range of different laser attacks, which change and speed up over time!

The aim of the Player is to shoot the Boss from below a total of 14 (subject to change) times, while not being hit enough to lose all their own lives first.

When the Boss wave starts, the Player is given unlimited ammo (cooldown still applies) and a total of 20 (subject to change) “lives” (hits they can take), because 3 lives isn’t enough. The Player must make these last through all 3 phases of the Boss fight.

[Work-In-Progress. Ignore shooting after death ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) ]

After the Player deals the final blow, the Boss explodes and flies off into the distance, Team Rocket-style.

The game is won, the Earth is saved, the Princess is rescued, Neo accepts his destiny, the Beast falls in love, and all the furniture regain their human forms!

Wait… wrong story.

( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡•)

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