Creating A 6-Sided Skybox In Unity

Today I’ll create a Skybox for my in-development game, The Great Fleece (working title) using the 6-sided method.

Vincent Taylor
Sep 23, 2021

Today’s Objective: Create a Skybox in Unity using the 6-sided method.

The 6-Sided Method:

As briefly explained in my last post, the 6-sided method for creating Skyboxes in Unity involves using 1-6 individual texture files to create a full 360-degree skybox. Each texture will cover one of the 6 cardinal directions (Forwards, backwards, left, right, up, down).

  1. Create a new Material, and set it to use the Skybox/6-Sided shader.

2. Add/locate up to 6 images you want to use for the skybox.

3. Drag each into its appropriate direction. Order is probably important.

4. Set the scene to use your new skybox in the Lighting panel.



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