Create A Loading Scene In Unity

Games of a medium or large size often contain a lot of stuff in the game scene, and that can take time to load. To avoid the player watching that, let’s make a nice loading screen.

Today’s Objective: Create a nice loading screen which shows loading progress and some nice game tips.

The Code:

Creating a simple loading scene is actually a pretty simple task, even with the progress indicator.

In a new class called “LoadingManager”, I create some variables for the loading process:

And some variables for the game tips display too:

Now, since the Loading Scene is its own scene, we want it to start loading the game (or whichever) scene as soon as the Loading scene becomes active:

That is the scene loading done. Now to do the game tips section:

Because my game isn’t very large, loading the game scene is basically instant, but the above code should nicely display the loading progress of any scene. It especially excels where loading larger scenes could take over 15 seconds.