A New Hyper-Casual Project!

Last week I started a new mini-project after seeing an interesting Youtube video.

Vincent Taylor
3 min readApr 25, 2022


High Noon Shootout (Original, I know):

My new hyper-casual-style game, called High Noon Shootout, was inspired by a video by TaroDev in which he remade an existing hyper-casual game.

I thought the game idea was interesting, and recently picked up Synty Studio’s POLYGON Western pack, so wanted to give this project a try and make it look good.

For now, the game is only available on PC (since I prefer PC games and am honestly not a big fan of hyper-casual games), and only has one level. But I have some potential ideas to add more levels using different weapons when I have time. I may also build it for mobile in the future too, which wouldn’t be too much extra work.

The Game Design:

The win condition of High Noon Shootout is to shoot the Bandit standing to the right of the screen/sheriff.

The lose conditions are: Run out of bullets, stay on the ground for over 2 seconds, or (if on “Normal” difficulty) shoot yourself.

The “Player Character” in this game is the Sheriff’s gun itself (a revolver), which is bounced around whenever it shoots (via player input).

Bullets do not continue outside the screen’s view, so players must use bullets to fly the gun into view of the bandit before shooting him.

Due to the multiple variables that can be tweaked to make the game easier or harder (bullet limit, time limit, suicide, movement force, etc.), the game will have 2 difficulty options: An “Easy” mode (default), and a “Normal” mode for those who have a grasp on the gameplay already.

Upcoming posts:

In my next few posts in coming days, I will be going into depth on the design of certain elements of the game, such as the gun controller and physics, bullet spawning and collisions, UI management, and game manager.

Check out tomorrow’s post for more on that.



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