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Other than using normal animation clips from the project files, you can also animate GameObjects using only the Timeline for a single Timeline instance.

Step 1:

Timeline is a Unity feature designed to easily create a timeline of multiple events that will happen in a set sequence over the duration of the timeline.

Finding it in Unity:

In all games, the environment plays an integral part in the interest and engagement of the player. Lighting also plays a huge part, dramatically affecting the feel of the gameplay.

Compare the following:

Today I’ll create a Skybox for my in-development game, The Great Fleece (working title) using the 6-sided method.

The 6-Sided Method:

  1. Create a new Material, and set it to use the Skybox/6-Sided shader.

Game scenes, especially 3D ones, can look amazing. Especially when subtle, or not so subtle details are refined and improved. The background is easily overlooked, but should be paid attention to!


  • 6-Sided: Use up to 6 texture images to create a full 360-degree Skybox which can surround the scene.

Today I wanted to create a function which allows any other functions to be called after a specified delay. Useful for timed events.

The Base Class:

Today I’ll give a quick intro to C# Dictionaries and their uses in game development and Unity.


So today I’m starting the second project of my GameDevHQ course, known as The Great Fleece (I’ll probably change the name later). It’s a 3D stealth thief game!

Today I’m creating a simple horizontal line which can be used to cleanly separate areas on the Unity Inspector, similar to the Header attribute.

The Code:


ReadOnly is a common name for an Attribute that makes a public/serialized field non-editable in the Unity Inspector, while still being visible.

The ReadOnly Attribute:

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