4 Useful Unity Assets For Someone Who Can’t 3D Model

As an indie game developer and programmer, my modeling skills are not great, leading to me looking for alternatives to get the environments and characters that I want.

Vincent Taylor
3 min readNov 3, 2021


Note: These are in no particular order, and are chosen from assets I have used, or at least plan to use in the near future.

ProBuilder, (acquired) by Unity:

The Probuilder package was previously a Unity store asset, but is now integrated with Unity via the Package Manager. It is a great and simple-to-use 3D modelling option to quickly make most shapes you’d want. Since becoming part of Unity, it is now free to use. It is ideal for prototyping levels or items/objects, but also has many tools suitable for more complex models.

SNAPS Prototype and SNAPS Art HD Packs, by Unity:

The SNAPS asset packs are a collection of assets made by Unity (Asset Store Originals). They allow for quick but good-to-high quality creation of levels and environments, mainly focused around buildings, environment objects, or smaller props. These packs are not free, but are occasionally on sale individually or in bundles.

Map Magic 2, by Denis Pahunov:

Map Magic 2, a terrain-creation asset by Denis Pahunov, is a great comprehensive asset that’s been around for a few years, building on the first Map Magic. It uses a node-based graph to create realistic terrains one effect at a time. Very simple to use while also being pretty easy to create high-quality terrains. Map Magic 2 is free, unlike the first version.

Advanced People Pack 2, by Alex Lenk:

For the creation of many unique characters quickly, I like to use the Advanced People Pack 2 asset. While the characters are somewhere around low-to-medium poly, its ability to create a large range of character types including custom clothing, is a great feature. This is a paid asset.



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