2.5D Platformer: Level Design Update

Now that I have basically finished all the core mechanics of my 2.5D platformer, it’s time to move on to actually making the game level.

Layout concept for my game level

Today I’m just writing a brief update about the progress of my 2.5D platformer game, currently called Platform Master (will change).

In recent weeks, I have coded a number of the core mechanics and gameplay features for the game, including:

  • Extensive character controller,
  • Moving platforms,
  • Elevators,
  • Interactable objects,
  • Collectibles,
  • and hazards.

Now I am starting on the development for Level 1 of the game (current plans only include 1 level for the game, since it is meant to be brief, but I may change this later in development).

Level 1: The Science Lab:

A simple premise:

You are a scientist at a laboratory for dangerous experiments, but something has gone wrong.

You need to quickly get from the 5th floor down to the ground floor before the building collapses (/explodes/disintegrates/is consumed… I haven’t got that far yet).

On your way, you will encounter a variety of obstacles which will hinder you from escaping in time. You will need to use your wits and abilities to overcome these hazards to arrive safely at the main entrance and escape.


I haven’t yet fully fleshed out exactly which obstacles you will face, but they will likely be a combination of inanimate hazards (fire, dangerous objects, traversal challenges, security protocols, etc), and living opposition (terrified staff, escaped subjects…?).

Time Limit:

I am aiming for this level to take/allow around 5–10 minutes for the player to escape.

Project Aim:

This project is developed as part of my current course requirements, so while I am/will aim to make a good, fun, quick game, I am also not intending to spend too long on it’s development. The current rough idea is to complete the Science Lab level to a good quality standard that I am happy with to release, then move on to another project.


The theme of this game (hazmat/science/lab/etc) came about purely by chance because the default platforms looked industrial and I thought a hazmat character looked appropriate in the environment.

However, as I have started level design, I’ve made the decision that I will remake most of the 2D models with Unity Probuilder, since I was not happy with the existing quality.

I will write a (few) Medium/s on the topic of quick 3D modelling in Probuilder for those who are interested shortly. It is a great tool, quick to learn and use, free, and not just for prototyping!



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Vincent Taylor

Vincent Taylor

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