2.5D Platformer: Dev Progress Update

Today I’ll show you what I’ve made so far for the 2.5D platformer, as it nears completion.

Vincent Taylor
2 min readMar 21, 2022


Game Progression:

In this game, players start on floor 4 of an unnamed science lab, which is currently experiencing an emergency, and all personnel are ordered to evacuate immediately. The player must proceed across and down each floor until they reach the ground floor and can escape the building safely.

Player Challenges:

During the 5 building floors that make up the full game, the player must overcome obstacles and challenges that aim to introduce the character abilities, and test player reflexes and problem-solving skills.

Floor 4:

Challenge: Timed Door run.

Skills/Abilities: Speed, running and sprinting.

Floor 3:

Challenge: Laser Walls Of Death (the hardest challenge).

Skills/Abilities: Timing, pattern-recognition, and jumping.

Floor 2:

Challenge: Patrolling Laser Drones.

Skills/Abilities: Timing, pattern-recognition, pathfinding, climbing, and speed.

Floor 1:

Challenge: Cage-climb.

Skills/Abilities: Problem-solving, climbing, maneuvering.

Floor 0/Ground Floor:

Challenge: Boss “Fight”

Skills/Abilities: Timing, movement, problem-solving.

As of right now, the “gameplay” portion of the game is complete, and I am now working on the final detailing and bug fixes before releasing it on Itch.io in the coming week or so.

I hope you found this interesting!



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